4th of July in Edmonds

Another great 4th of July! Hope you all had a nice holiday.  The day started off by us taking a ferry ride over from Edmonds to Kingston to go to the farmers’ market over on the island (it’s basically just an excuse to take a ferry ride! We love doing that!). We came back, enjoyed some sun and an early lunch, and watched the kids’ parade and main parade in downtown Edmonds. I think the hot weather might have kept some people away, as it was not quite as insanely busy as it usually is, but it was fantastic as always!

I just love all the colorful, patriotic clothing and accessories people wear! So great!

Taking a Walk Down College/Memory Lane

I posted a picture of my alma mater, Florida State University, earlier today, and the response from people caught me pleasantly by surprise. Seeing that one picture either brought people back immediately to their college “heyday” or it simply made them proud to see a picture of their campus that they hold so dear.

From that post, I began thinking more about FSU, and how I miss the simpler life of those days. Oh how we thought otherwise at the time though!  I love that university and will treasure all my college experiences there. It’s a wonderful school that keeps getting better and better (when I went there, friends of mine who wanted to go to med school had to go to the dreaded University of Florida-yuck-because that was the closest school that had a med school program. I pleased to say that FSU now has a very good med school program).

Another cool, fun fact (picture is below) is that FSU has a full-fledged circus, that contains all FSU students doing their own circus acts. It has been around since the late 1940s and is one of only 2 circuses at a 4-year institution (the other is Illinois State University). I think that’s so cool! (and it’s a good show too!)

FSU is located in a lovely Southern city; Tallahassee, Florida. Not that being from Tallahassee and where I was born bleeding garnet and gold, makes me partial or anything! The campus is full of sunshine and students and oak trees with Spanish moss. Just a beautiful campus.

Just feeling all nostalgic for the good old days, so decided to share some photographs from the campus.

GO NOLES! xoxo

Sugar Sand Photo on America’s Test Kitchen Site!

Meatloaf Schmeatloaf….Double Beatloaf…
(an ode to my most favorite of holiday movies: A Christmas Story!)

My recent photo of Glazed Meatloaf (made out of a Cook’s Country magazine recently) is featured on the Test Kitchen Community page of America’s Test Kitchen! How exciting!

I have to say, it’s hard to get an appetizing picture of meatloaf. I kind of did this at the last minute (shouldn’t share all my secrets huh?!!!), but I was pleased and obviously so were they!