Flying Heritage Museum

This past Saturday, Andy and I went to the Flying Heritage Collection at Payne Field in Everett, WA. This is the private collection of Paul Allen, and as Andy put it afterwards when I asked him how much he thought the whole collection would be worth, he said “I really don’t even think you could put a price tag on that”. It’s just THAT amazing to have that many different WWII era planes in one location. I like when we first went in, Andy said “this is totally what billionaires do- have toy planes like THIS!”

There are about 15 or so planes there and a couple of tanks. All but 2 of the planes are still flown some- at air shows and things like that. The two that aren’t flown are not because they are the only known ones left in the entire world.

It was quite an enjoyable afternoon, and a  very interesting and beautiful collection.