Edmonds KOMO website

On the way home from the park and ride yesterday, I was trying to decide if I should go down to the water in Edmonds to enjoy what was looking to be a gorgeous sunset. To get there, I have to drive by my house, and part of me was just thinking “oh there are plenty of sunsets. you’re tired. just go home”. But something in me needed to see the beauty; needed to be in a place that I find peaceful and that helps me clear my head after a long day/week. So I went.  And it was magnificent. It is true what they say out here in the Pacific Northwest: the weather is crappy a lot of the time, but when it’s not, it’s absolutely amazing. Evenings like this are what keeps us going out here!

After enjoying the evening, I posted the picture on my twitter account, and next thing you know, it’s on the Edmonds KOMO website! (it’s a community branch of the KOMO communications group out of Seattle). I was so pleased to see it on the site and to share the evening with others through my photography.

It’s funny how I almost didn’t go down there. I know this is a small example and there are often times more serious/different consequences, but I find it kind of  funny how a split second decision can change things. How the decision to not go home led me to enjoy a fantastic evening and really appreciate life and nature, instead of just going home and making dinner or watching tv. Now don’t get me wrong; those things are both fine and they would have been great too; but just not quite the same.




Sugar Sand Photo on America’s Test Kitchen Site!

Meatloaf Schmeatloaf….Double Beatloaf…
(an ode to my most favorite of holiday movies: A Christmas Story!)

My recent photo of Glazed Meatloaf (made out of a Cook’s Country magazine recently) is featured on the Test Kitchen Community page of America’s Test Kitchen! How exciting!

I have to say, it’s hard to get an appetizing picture of meatloaf. I kind of did this at the last minute (shouldn’t share all my secrets huh?!!!), but I was pleased and obviously so were they!